Gravimetric dosing technics designed for your production

Multicomponent systems  Batch weigher  Dosing processor  Continuous dosing weigher
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Batch weigher with agitator drum  Continuous dosing weigher Volumetric dosing units Check weigher
 Product overview  
 >Batch and Counting weighers  
 >Agitator drum weighers  
 >Multicomponent weighers  
 >Continuous dosing weighers
 >Volumentric dosing units  
 >Check weighers  
 >Dosing processor  
Dosen und Beutelabfuellwaage 
We dose free flowing and bad flowing bulk materials of any kind  
dried herbs – tea – spices –  powder – flour – grains – granules – friction materials
– aramide – glass fibre – carbon fibre – cellulose – and many other materials 

Filling in customer's packaging  

Bags – cans – sacks – bucket – glasses – block bottom bags and others

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